Mother Earth Liquid Lipstick



Mother Earth Liquid Lipstick corresponds well with Hunter Lip Liner

Description of Liquid Lipstick: This high-coverage lipstick will provide a beautiful long-lasting color till bedtime. This creamy texture becomes a silky, lightweight stain after wearing. Its lightweight texture increases the intensity of your makeup with a matte, satin, long lasting finish.

Our Liquid Lipsticks contains many happy ingredients that will keep your makeup on point and also, keep your skin happy! 

Avocado Oil, when deeply penetrate in the skin, it provides comfort and nutrition to lips.

Grape Seed Oil is full of antioxidants, vitamin E and linoleic acid which soothes, nourishes and repairs the skin. Vitamin E keeps the skin firm and smooth.

Jojoba Oil form a barrier that effectively locks the moisture in and keeps the lips soft and supple.

Sweet Almond Oil prevent chapped lips by rejuvenating dead cells and leave the lips moisturized.

 Vitamin E Powerful Antioxidant, Help nourish and protect skin from damage caused by free radicals

Description of Name:  Indigenous peoples are caretakers of Mother Earth and realize and respect her gifts of water, air and fire. First Nations peoples’ have a special relationship with the earth and all living things in it. This relationship is based on a profound spiritual connection to Mother Earth that guided indigenous peoples to practice reverence, humility and reciprocity.